Exciting learning this half term!

This term we will be doing some very exciting learning at Mulgrave Primary School. All children across the school have spent the first week back immersing themselves in their new core text. Have a look below to see what core text your child is using this half term and the hook lessons which they have taken part in this week. Each of the core texts has a global learning theme which will be explored throughout this half term. Please keep checking Twitter @MulgravePrimary to see the fantastic learning which is happening!

Year 1 and 2

In Year One the core text is ‘Nuffle Bunny’ and Year One children will be looking at children’s rights. As part of this, the Year One children were lucky enough to bring their toys into school this week. In Year Two the children will be looking at the theme of deforestation through their core text ‘Where the Forest Meets the Sea’. On Monday, the Year Two children found a message in a bottle in their classrooms!

Y1&2 2        Y1&2

Year 3 and 4

In Year Three the children will be using the core text ‘The Island’ and they will be considering the theme of fairness and inequality. As part of their learning this week they experienced life in a new place and what life was like not being able to speak the language! Year Four children are using the core text ‘The Lost Thing’ to explore the theme of sustainable development. This week they were faced with trays of sand with unusual objects linked to the core text!


Year 5

The children in Year Five will be using the core text ‘The Hunger Games’ to explore peace and conflict and fairness and equality. This week started very differently for Year Five this week with a very special film announcement.

5&6          6

Year 6

Year Six will explore the global learning theme of corruption and child labour through their core text ‘Trash’. When Year Six arrived to school this week they were faced with a pile of rubbish and mysterious objects. They had to infer what had happened, who the objects belonged to and why they were there.