Year 2

This week Year 2 have been doing assessments to see how much progress they have made since November. The improvement has been excellent!
Along with showing off all of the Maths and English skills they have learned, the students have been doing lots of PE to keep their bodies working as well as their minds!
Since the weather hasn’t been great for outdoor PE, we have been doing Yoga in the studio instead of our outdoor PE slot. The students have enjoyed using the Cosmic Kids videos to make stories out of the movements. 
Y2 1 19 Feb         Y2 2 19 Feb         Y2 3 19 Feb      
They have also been learning about how to improve skills such as running and jumping. This week, we looked at jumping for height. We looked at good and bad jumps and how using our bodies in different ways can help us to jump higher. 
Y2 4 19 Feb        Y2 5 19 Feb
Finally, 2 Ash are really excited about beginning Philosophy for Children. We are learning about how to participate in a philosophy lesson by taking turns and making sure we listen closely to what our partner has to say. So far, we have chosen where we want a magic carpet to take us for 2 minutes. 
Holly wanted to go to Tesco’s and be invisible, so that she could get more stuff!
Kotsi wanted to go up to visit God to see if he can do all of the things that he has heard about.
Oliver wanted to go back to the 1940’s to see what it was like during World War 2. 
Y2 6 19 Feb