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  • Year 2 are editing!

    Year 2 are editing!

    Posted on 16th Jan

    In Year 2 we have had a big focus on editing and improving our own writing so that our alternative endings to Bibo are engaging for our reader. We looked at a range of sentences and uplevelled them to include conjunctions and noun phrases. We have...

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  • Let's Read Together

    Let's Read Together

    Posted on 6th Jan

    It was great to the see the parents attending Let’s Read Together in KS1 - something that both the parents and children enjoy very much. Our thanks to those parents who attend regularly!        

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  • Year 1 - Bibo

    Year 1 - Bibo

    Posted on 6th Jan

    The children in year 1 have been watching the animation Bibo. They were hooked from the very beginning. ‘The music in film made us feel sad’, said the children. I wonder if the Robot is the enemy? I wonder if he is going to try and tak...

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  • Whole School Project - Inventions

    Whole School Project - Inventions

    Posted on 3rd Jan

    Whole School Project Inventions                                                This term we will be doing some very...

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  • Parental Engagement

    Parental Engagement

    Posted on 12th Dec

    Parental Engagement Please click here for our Parental Engagement Calendar.  

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