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  • Year 2 investigate!

    Year 2 investigate!

    Posted on 1st Dec

    2 Sycamore are investigating how to measure 10m by 6m, the size of a small football pitch using a 1 meter stick. They were very inventive in what they used as a marker, selecting objects such as chairs, bricks etc: The children really enjoyed the...

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  • Jubilee Resource Development Co

    Jubilee Resource Development Co

    Posted on 25th Nov

    We have been contacted by the developer of the land on the corner of Rectory Place and Mulgrave Road who have infomed us of work which is due to commence on Monday 28th November and will last for approximately two years. They will be building a ne...

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  • Applications for Reception place

    Applications for Reception place

    Posted on 18th Nov

    Parents of children moving to Reception classes in September 2017 will need to apply for a Reception place at Mulgrave through the Royal Borough of Greenwich.  Applications can be made online at eAdmissions on the Royal Borough of Greenwich w...

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  • Junior Leaders visit The Houses of Parliament

    Junior Leaders visit The Houses of Parliament

    Posted on 14th Nov

    On Monday 14th November, representatives of the Junior Leadership Team were lucky enough to visit The Houses of Parliament where they learnt about the election process and voting.  Shelianna commented that this was a great opportunity for all...

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  • Exciting learning this half term!

    Exciting learning this half term!

    Posted on 9th Nov

    This term we will be doing some very exciting learning at Mulgrave Primary School. All children across the school have spent the first week back immersing themselves in their new core text. Have a look below to see what core text your child is usi...

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