Years 3 & 4

At Mulgrave Primary School, we ensure that learning is planned for in a cross curricular way, this ensures that children are able to make links within their learning. Lessons challenge all pupils through a variety of activities, providing opportunities for feedback from adults and peers. Through high expectations of everyone at Mulgrave we aspire to achieve outstanding outcomes.


Year 3


Our topic learning this half-term is going to be based around the Rainforests. In this Unit, we will take a closer look at the mysteries of tropical rainforests. From the layers of the forest and its animal inhabitants, to the unique climate found in the tropics. We will compare a British forest with the Amazon rainforest, and begin to explore some of the conservation issues surrounding the destruction of rainforest habitats. We will name some countries where rainforests are found. Label a map to show countries where rainforests are found. Find the Equator on a map and learn that rainforests are found near the Equator. We will describe what the weather is usually like in a tropical climate. We will name the four layers of a rainforest and learn about the climate in each layer. They will identify the animals living in a rainforest and tell you some similarities between the Amazon rainforest and Sherwood Forest.

Y3 4



This half-term, the topic that we are looking at is ‘Dystopian World’ so we have decided to use the Zillah Bethell’s book ‘A Whisper of Horses’ as the core text. They will be exploring issues about a controlled ancient Lahn Dan (London).  We will learn about how the people were made to believe that there was no life beyond Emm Twenty Five (M25).  We will find out about how a child (Serendipity) wanted to find out if there were horses in Whales (Wales) and her adventure about this quest. We will be writing narratives and recounts about the text as we progress in our reading.  We will also be writing a predictive chapter, enhancing our imaginations whilst we write it, to ensure that it is powerful and flows with the book. Features of Dystopian World will be identified and used in our predictive chapters.

Y3 1




We are starting this term by revisiting the basics of Maths including place value, using the pattern of number bonds to 10 to help in recognizing other number bonds up to and beyond 1000. The children will consolidate their knowledge of addition and subtraction and then moving onto doing multiplication and division where the children will learn how to solve problems in context. The children will develop their reasoning skills as they will be explaining the methods that they are using and why they had decided to use them.

y3 2                               



This half-term, our learning for Science will be based on Light.

This ‘Light’ unit will teach year 3 about light, reflections and shadows.   We will learn about different sources of light, and that we need light to see.  The children will work scientifically and collaboratively to investigate reflective materials, in the context of designing a new book bag.  We will work in a hands on way to play a range of mirror games, finding out more about reflective surfaces. Furthermore, we will learn that the sun’s light can be dangerous, and will create an advert for a pair of sunglasses or a sun hat that we have designed. The children will have a chance to test which objects are opaque in an exciting investigation to design the most effective curtains, and will find out how shadows change when the distance between the object and light source changes. We will also develop our scientific enquiry skills, making observations, predictions and conclusions.

Y3 3




If you would like to discuss how you can help your child at home, please see your child's class teacher.


In Year 3 we will be sending weekly spellings home on a Friday and the children will have a spelling test the following Friday. They must practice their spellings every day as they need this to successfully reach the expected level at the end of Year 3.

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Year 4 

Spring Term

Our learning this term will be based around our core text ‘The Last Wild and we will use this text in our English lessons. We will be spending some time immersing ourselves in the book to become familiar with the characters, key events and setting of the book. Over the course of the term we will begin to build up to exciting writing outcomes such as writing a narrative.


This Spring Term’s topic is based around Geography focusing on ‘All around the World’. This will allow us to take a closer look at where the countries of the world are located, and some of the ways geographers describe locations.  We will learn to locate and describe places using longitude and latitude, and find out about some of the important lines that delineate specific areas of the Earth - the Equator, the Hemispheres, the Poles and the Tropics. Finally, by looking more closely at the lines of longitude, we will develop our understanding of time zones.

y4 spring 2

In science this Spring half-term, we will explore a variety of ways to identify, sort, group and classify living things. We will learn how animals are split into ‘vertebrates’ and ‘invertebrates’ and begin to consider the differences between living things within these classifications. We will use and create classification keys to group, identify and name living things from the local habitat and beyond. This Science topic will also introduce to us the idea that environments are subject to man-made and natural changes and that these changes can have a significant impact on living things. Throughout this, we will work scientifically by gathering, recording and presenting information in different ways.

y4 spring 3