Parental Engagement

What is parental engagement?

At Mulgrave, we are inviting our parents/carers to a variety of workshops and information events. 

  • Reception Class Phonics Stay and Play
  • Let's Maths Together
  • KS1 SATs
  • KS2 SATs
  • Year 3 & 4 - What happens in Forest School?
  • Mindfulness for Parents
  • Year 6 - Transition to Secondary School

Please refer to our calendar here for further information on these events.

A full timetable of events can be accessed via this link.

Reading Journals - Year 3 & 4 - 2nd December 2016

We had a great session with the parents about reading at home and school. Rueda's mum was particularly helpful with suggestions. She has suggested that we re-start the reading buddies we used to have during lunch time. This could be something to think about. They were all really happy with the level of their children's engagement and understood how the journals progress throughout the school. 

PE 3&4            IMG_0465

They found the session very helpful and gained a deeper understanding about when and for how long their children read at school. 


Times Tables Workshop - 25th November 2016

P E 1                            P E 2

On Friday 25th November 2016, Ms Begum and Mrs Westley held a Times Tables Workshop for parents and carers of Year 3 & 4 children.  During the workshop, parents and carers were able to discover ideas to help their children learn their times tables using the following ideas and resources:

Why learn your times tables?

  • It saves time!
  • Arithmetic is an extension of counting
  • It allows us to have certainty with numbers
  • We need times tables for division

By Year 5 and 6 children should know all their tables.

  • In Year 3 children must know, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and10 times tables
  • They should also know how to count in 25,50,100s
  • In Year 4 children should know all their tables

During the workshop parents and carers were shown a variety of websites which can help their child to learn their times tables:

P E 3                     P E4

The workshop had many parents attend from both year groups, some of which have left their feedback below:

Gloria’s mum (3 Cherry) - ‘Good workshop’

Sanam’s mum and dad (3 Cherry) - ‘It was useful and great reminder!’

Maryam’s Mum (3 Cherry) - The workshop was interesting and helpful

Sahra’s mum (4 Cypress) - ‘Very useful’

Sumaya’s dad (4 Cypress) - ‘It was good!’