At Mulgrave we know that providing the best possible start for pupils helps to ensure a lifelong love of learning that can lead to success.  We passionately believe that our children have the right to a broad and balanced curriculum. The curriculum of the school underpins all the learning that takes place.  Our engaging and inspirational curriculum aims to foster curiosity and a passion for learning, so that children may develop into life-long learners.

Religious Education (RE) is an important element in the broad and balanced curriculum we aim to provide at Mulgrave Primary School.  The RE curriculum forms an important and valuable part of our school’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural teaching, as well as teaching pupils about British Values.  Through our RE curriculum, we encourage a reflective approach to living and a development of personal skills in forming reasoned opinions, based on evidence and argument.

Long Term Curriculum Map

Please click here to see the Long Term Curriculum map for RE (Years 1 - 6)