Junior Leadership Team

What is a Junior Leadership Team?

Our Junior Leadership Team (JLT) is a group of students who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and work together to improve our school.  We follow a democratic process to elect the Leaders.  If pupils wish to become a Junior Leader, they must complete a short manifesto expressing why they feel they will be an excellent member of the team and ways they will ensure the best outcomes for pupils at Mulgrave.  They then present their views to their class and a secret vote takes place.  Junior Leaders must model our School Values at all times and should be role models for the rest of the school.  

What do the Junior Leadership Team do?

The Junior Leadership Team meet staff every two weeks and discuss issues that are important to the children.  They are also involved in gaining pupil voice, completing learning walks and looking through books.  They provide a unique insight into what is working well in the school and ways that adults can improve the provision at Mulgrave for the children.

The Junior Leadership Team meet with the governing body regularly to share their work with them.  They also have an input into the monitoring of the impact of the changes and improvements across the school.

The pupils talk confidently about the role in setting the class behaviour expectations and are clear about the sanctions and rewards, understand the difference between right and wrong and the importance of fairness.

Who are the Junior Leadership Team?

At Mulgrave we have two representatives for each year group, one girl and one boy, that form our Junior Leadership Team.

Our 2019 – 2020 JLT

These are our JLT representatives for 2019 - 2020:

1 Pine


1 Hazel


2 Sycamore


2 Ash


3 Oak


3 Cherry


4 Acer


4 Cypress


5 Olive


5 Cedar


6 Elm


6 Beech


Houses of Parliament Visit

On Monday 7th October 2019, representatives from the KS2 Junior Leaders visited the Houses of Parliament.  They had a tour, including visiting both the House of Commons and the House of Lords.  The children asked some pertinent questions, such as “which is more important, the House of Commons or the House of Lords?”  They also had the opportunity to see where Floella Benjamin sits when she is in the Houses of Lords, and where our local MP Matthew Pennycook goes to collect his post.  Following the tour, the children took part in a workshop titled ‘Journey to Democracy’.  Here they learnt about how democracy has changed over time, from the days when Kings and Queens ruled Britain, to today, where the prime minister leads the country.  Vjordi commented “This was a new experience for me, it was exciting and I enjoyed exploring all the different parts of the building.” 

Img 3770  Img 3788

Img 3807

Meeting the Mayor

On Wednesday 2nd October 2019 the JLT visited the Town Hall, to meet the mayor and the mayoress. They had the opportunity to see the council chamber, where all the important decisions are made for the borough. Here they were able to take part in a debate about whether school holidays should be shorter. The children presented very thoughtful arguments for or against and were able to justify their reasoning. At the end of the debate the children voted; interestingly, the vote was split with the same number of children wishing to make the holidays longer and shorter. The children asked the mayor some very interesting questions to find out more about his work and his life e.g. What did you do before you were the mayor? How did you become the mayor? Can the mayor also be an MP? To end the day the children were given the opportunity to try on the mayor's chain and see the orb that is always present during council debates. Sintra commented that "this is the best day ever!"

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