Our Vision

Mulgrave is a Values-led School in Which Staff Model the Respect for Others, Self and the School Environment That We Wish to Promote.

With clear boundaries for behaviour through our ‘golden rules’ and consistent but fair consequences, children understand the parameters and feel safe in school. We nurture good behaviour through building relationships with pupils and engaging them in exciting learning experiences that respect individuals and build self-esteem. 

We know that providing the best possible start helps to ensure lifelong learning success.  This is why we place great emphasis on ensuring that children feel secure and happy from day one. Learning is designed to follow their interests and each transition – from nursery to reception, through infants and into juniors – is carefully planned to ensure a smooth and worry-free progression.

Throughout their time with us, we provide a range of opportunities – including peer mentoring, pupil collaboration for learning projects and a thriving school council – to ensure that pupils are heard and know that their opinions are valued.


Our School Values

We have 11 school values which are embedded throughout Mulgrave's daily school life and curriculum.  However, we have one value per month which we focus on, with assemblies and PSHE lessons being based around this theme, please see below. 

September Respect
October Collaboration
November Responsibility
December Kindness
January Effort
February Love
March Integrity
April Forgiveness
May Resilience
June Friendship
July Excellence