We would like to share some of the fantastic comments we have received from parents and other people who have visited our school. 

Forest Schools Parental Engagement

We were fortunate to have some parents from Acorn nursery join us in the spring term 2019 for a Forest School session. The parents were really engaged with the children and one parent stated: 
“It was so nice to see my child getting dirty and not being worried about the bugs. I did not expect her to be so enthusiastic and interested in the outdoors. I will definitely make more of an effort to take her to the outdoors and explore”. 

EYFS Maths Workshop

During Summer Term 2019 the school had an EYFS Maths workshop.  This workshop has supported parents and children; the impact of this is reflected in the progress made by the children since the workshop took place, as well as being evident in the parent’s feedback: 
“The workshop was very helpful and I now feel more confident to support my child to develop their maths skills at home” 
“I enjoyed the practical activities shared during the workshop. I will incorporate more maths opportunities in our daily routines. For example, I like the idea of asking my child to get me 5 forks and 4 spoons as she helps me to set up the table for dinner” 
“The workshop helped me to think in practical ways to help my child to learn maths without asking her to sit down and do work books” 

EYFS Mindfulness Workshop

EYFS delivered a Mindfulness workshop for parents on Friday 14th of June 2019. It was a very productive workshop and a great opportunity to help parents to understand the importance of children practicing mindfulness as part of their daily routine and encourage them to incorporate some of the mindfulness strategies into their daily routines at home. Some of the feedback left by the parents was: 
“Chase and I will be practicing more of what I have learnt today. I believe this will have a very positive impact” 
“This workshop was very helpful; I totally agree and support mindfulness” 
“I will try and practice mindfulness at home from now on. This was a perfect way of being introduced to mindfulness. Thank you!” 


Internet Safety Workshop

An Internet Safety Workshop for parents was delivered in the Summer Term 2019.  The focus of the session was ‘Staying Safe Online’, demonstrating to parents the range of ways to set filters on devices ranging from mobile phones to games consoles.  The workshop was well attended from parents across the school and received positive feedback:

"I am very thankful to Dave for such an informative workshop- before I attended I really did not know how to protect my children online." . 

SATs Workshop for parents

The Year 6 Team delivered an informative SATs workshop, the feedback was very positive where parents mentioned:

"Thank you to the Year 6 team for helping me to understand the SATs procress and the scoring system – as parents, it can be difficult to find the correct information."

EYFS supporting other schools

In Summer term 2019, the EYFS had the pleasure of working with Darrek Wood, De Lucy, Holy Family and Middle Park Primary Schools. Some of the feedback left from these schools was: 

“I just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you very much for all of your time, help and support yesterday! I left feeling very inspired and with a great deal more courage to change the way we do our outside area. I'm meeting with our TA's this afternoon and I'm going to ask them to think of ways in which we can develop our water area. So next week we'll have photographs, lists and anything else and then we can start our own action plan (and I'll be sure to photograph the journey).Thank you very much again” Darrek Wood Primary School 
“Thank you so much for letting us come and visit your wonderful Foundation Stage.  It was incredibly helpful to see such amazing practice.  The area is so well utilised and it is clear how child led learning is at the heart of all you do.  Thank you for sharing your timetable and examples of planning, it will all be very helpful as we embark on our own learning journey to Foundation Stage.  I also really appreciated your advice and honesty about how to ensure I engage everyone on the team and perhaps, most importantly you reminded me that Rome wasn’t built in a day so I need to start slowly!  Your books were also interesting to see and the level of writing just blew us away.  It definitely gave us food for thought as to how we are going to approach our writing next year” Middle Park Primary School 

Teaching Students

Summer Term 2019

My experience of Mulgrave primary school has been outstanding. My mentor has always taken a proactive approach in maximising my capabilities as a teacher. She ensured that I felt comfortable and welcomed during this placement, and has taught me to develop effective, professional relationships with colleagues enabling me to draw on advice and specialist support from all members of staff. She would always go the extra mile to walk me through my lesson plans and always gave me constructive feedback as to how I can improve my lessons, ensuring good pupil attainment. She has taught me a lot of different teaching styles and methods, enabling me to differentiate work appropriately so that all pupils can reach their maximum potentials; simultaneously creating an inclusive environment with mutual respect for everyone. I have been supported really well at Mulgrave and it has taught me many skills that I will implement in my NQT year such as using innovative strategies to create a safe stimulating environment for all students. This in hand has allowed me to systematically reflect in analysing, evaluating my lessons and improving my teaching practice.  Mohammed Rakib Islam  

Mulgrave Primary school is a value-led school, promoting attributes of not only a successful learner but also of a good human being; which is modelled by all the adults within the school and mirrored by the pupils. I consider myself to be fortunate to get the chance to be trained for my final placement of PGCE at Mulgrave Primary School, under the guidance of immensely supportive, caring and experienced mentors and other staff members. Mulgrave has given me the opportunity to work on my teaching practice within the classroom on set targets, find my own way by learning through trial and error, to reflect, identify and refine my own teaching style. Mulgrave sets high expectations and standards for both pupils and staff members to reach, and this placement enlightened and provided me with an early insight, as well as experience, to ease my transition from a trainee-teacher to my first year of teaching in September 2019 at Mulgrave Primary School. I instantly knew this school was the one for me from where I would like to start working to pave my journey as a teacher. With Mulgrave’s continued support, my dedication and hard work, I know that I will do my best to support Ms Holder’s vision for the school through my teaching and emerge as an outstanding confident teacher. Farhana Hussain  


My overall experience at Mulgrave has been positive. I have enjoyed working in the Early Years department, as the staff have made me feel a part of their team and have helped me on my journey to becoming a teacher. I have learnt new skills from them which will support me when I become a teacher.  The staff have also suggested different ways that I could improve my teaching skills and enabled me to identify what I am already good at. Fathima Siddika 


During my time at Mulgrave, all the staff have been hugely welcoming and supportive. I have had support from all over the school and this has made my time here a pleasant one. I have had the opportunity to work with teachers in all different year groups, receiving feedback which has helped me improve my knowledge and teaching. Taking part in weekly CPD and also during PPA times I enjoyed working closely with others and being able to listen and share my ideas and opinions. I look forward to joining the team in September.  Kayleigh Phillips