Staff Professional Development

Each member of staff who works with us has their own personalised CPD plan to ensure that they become the best educator possible.

During the past year our staff have attended the following courses:

Greenwich Teaching and Learning Partnership (Throughout 2019 - 2020)

I have attendend the GTLP course. It is a five sessions course, and so far I have had two sessions. The first one was on Excellence in Learning at Deansfield Primary School on the 30th November. The second one was Modelling, which took place at South Rise Primary School on 20th November. The remaining three will take place in the new year.

The courses so far have helped me to realise the importance of setting high expectations for the children, in terms of their behaviour for learning, the presentation of their work and their outcomes. In order to achieve this, I always present  myself as a role model of what I expect of the children.  I model any work I expect of the children, as well as show them what a good piece of work looks like. - Ms Obisesan


I am really excited to be on this course, it is supporting me with developing my teaching skills in a range of areas.  In the first session, I learned to plan more challenging activities for students and facilitate more discovery opportunities in their learning.  Children are now working more collaboratively and are getting better at explaining their thinking orally.

In the second session, I learned a process called ‘Think Aloud’ and incorporated it into modelled writes.  The children are now writing with greater confidence and independence.  Children settle more quickly into a writing task after hearing how my mind works while I am writing.  - Ms Moore   


Forest School (Throughout 2019 - 2020)

This will enable me to be fully trained to facilitate a Forest School Session. I will then be able to bring Forest School back into KS1, since the previous lead has left the school.  I am really excited about facilitating this as outdoor learning is so important for our children at Mulgrave. - Mrs Oxman

Challenge Partners (November 2019)

I had the opportunity to review a school in Portsmouth for three days.  This was a fantastic experience where I gained a lot of valuable knowledge that I could bring back to Mulgrave.  This developed my skills as a senior leader, including analysing school data, asking challening questions, and driving forwards school improvement.  It was a great experience to work as part of a collaborative team with their senior leaders and one I look forward to completing again in the future - Miss Eva

Moderation (November 2019)

Moderation has helped me identify what we are doing well at Mulgrave and our steps to improve further.  We had the opportunity to share ideas of good practice with other year 6 teachers from Alex McLoud Primary School. - Ms Begum

Maths Reasoning (November 2019)

I found this course particularly rewarding as it gave me the opportunity to explore a variety of maths tasks, it also reinforced the using of sentence stems to further develop children’s recording of reasoning in Maths.  The impact of the sentence stems is really proving beneficial in the classroom, developing a wider use of mathematical vocabulary. - Ms Bailey

Downs Syndrome Training (November 2019)

This course was great. It explained how downs syndrome impacts on children’s development and learning and gave me some strategies to help my students reach their full potential - Mrs Oxman

Writing Standards Course (October 2019)

The writing Standards course helped me understand the expectations of year 6 writing and what their books should look like. I have got a better understanding of the marking scheme and how to support children to develop their writing independently. - Ms Begum

Introduction to Social Enterprise (October 2019)

This was a really exciting course as it outlined what Social Enterprise means and how this has been operating in schools (both Primary and Secondary).  

Social Enterprise has been really great for me, as it has allowed me and my colleague to work closely on an exciting project, alongside a team of students from years 5 and 6, to develop a variety of skills.  One of the biggest impacts of the Social Enterprise is it encourages you to listen very closely to the students ideas and facilitate them to think of ways in which these ideas can become a reality. - Ms Bailey

P.E. Network (September 2019)

This was a great way to begin the year. I was able to catch up with the other P.E. Leads in the area and discuss the changes to the OFSTED framework and what may happen with our P.E. funding next year.  It has given me clear direction and ideas to implement at Mulgrave. - Mrs Oxman

NQT Mentor Induction (September 2019)

This course was excellent. I have never been an NQT mentor before, so it explained the expectations to me as well as what I should be able to expect from the school in terms of support.  I am really looking forward to being an NQT mentor - Mrs Oxman

Science Network (Throughout 2019)

Currently, I attend the science network team in North London regularly.  This is led by Naomi Hiscock, director of Primary Science Education, she works alongside The Association of Science Education developed by the Institute of Education.  These network meetings enable me to access latest information on primary science development and what is best practice at schools. The network meetings take place 6 times a year.  Currently, the focus on the meetings have been around the new Ofsted requirements and how we can evidence this within our schools.

Dates of attended Science Network Meetings in 2019

30th January, 1st May, 19th June, 9th October, 27th November

Ms Begum